TORNADO TIG 315 / 500 ACDC - Welding Alloys Manufacturers In India
AC/DC Pulse TIG/MMA Square Wave Welding Power Source

TORNADO TIG 315 / 500 AC/DC is a multi-functional welding power source with IGBT inverter technology. These power sources are widely used in various kinds of metals, including Al, Mg and their alloys for TIG welding and are suitable for all kinds of acid and basic electrode MMA welding.

  • Multi-functions: AC square wave TIG, DC pulse TIG, DC TIG, MMA and Spot TIG welding
  • Microprocessor control technology
  • Parameters in panel can be set by coordinate-type touch key and single-knob makes the operation simple
  • Multi adjustable parameters for each of the five welding states
  • All parameters under the five welding states can be stored in memory channel
  • Protective functions for overheat, over-current and under-voltage, etc.