Fontech CEA MATRIX | Inverter welding equipment

Based on the very latest IGBT inverter technology, TIG power sources with high frequency arc striking of the MATRIX series are equipped with an innovative digital panel for the complete control of all the welding parameters.

  • Standard equipped with pulse mode integrated into the control with available “Easy Pulse” facility
  • Excellent TIG welding characteristics
  • High frequency Arc Striking, precise and efficient even from long distance
  • “Energy Saving” function to operate the power source cooling fan and the torch water cooling only when necessary
  • Low energy consumption
  • Electromagnetic disturbance reduction being high frequency used at arc striking only
  • Use of special TIG torches will enable the remote control of the welding parameters directly from the torch
  • Overheating thermostatic protection
  • Metallic main structure with shockproof fibre compound front panel
  • Control panel protected against accidental impact
  • Robust handle integrated into the chassis
  • Sloping front panel easy to read and adjust and highly visible from any direction
  • Reduced weight and size, easy-to-carry
  • IP 23 protection class and dust proof electronic components, thanks to the innovative “tunnel” fan cooling system, allow their use in the toughest environments.
Matrix HF 1