FONTECH-CEA DIGITECH VP2 3300 / 4000 / 5000


Fontech CEA Digitech | Pulsed power source | Ador Fontech

Synergic multiprocess pulsed equipment of DIGITECH VP2 (VISION PULSE 2) series are the evolution of DIGITECH VISION PULSE.

  • Mutiprocess equipment with exceptional performance in PULSED MIG, DUAL PULSED, MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG.
  • Digital control of the welding parameters with preset synergic curves according to the type of material, gas and wire diameter being used
  • vision.ARC2 guarantees a constant arc in all conditions and the perfect
    droplet detachment, mostly in PULSED MIG and DUAL PULSED, to achieve superior welding performances
  • Interface with LCD colour display to keep under control the whole welding
  • Possibility of integrating special MIG and PULSED MIG welding processes
  • Welding process always under control by means of the digital adjustment of
    all parameters
  • User friendly and easy-to-use selection and recalling of the parameters and
    welding programs
  • Ability to store personalized welding parameters upto 99 JOBS* (preloaded programs up to 411)
  • Excellent arc striking always precise and efficient
  • Initial and final crater control
  • Ability to partially or totally lock the equipment with access key by password
  • Monitoring and repeatability of the welding parameters
  • Low energy consumption
  • “Energy Saving” function to operate the power source cooling fan and torch water cooling when necessary
  • Welding parameter adjustments directly from up/down MIG torch
  • Mains voltage fluctuation automatic compensation within ±20%
  • Data storing and data printing ability (Optional)
  • VRD Voltage Reduction Device for the operator’s maximum safety