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Enduraplate is manufactured in different grades for specific applications to combat impact, abrasion, erosion and heat. These plates have been successfully performing in various applications in cement, steel, power, mining, construction and several other core sector industries in India and abroad.

Ador Fontech’s FRS division located at Nagpur and our Authorised and JV Workshops located in different parts of the country and abroad take up customer-specific fabrication jobs using Enduraplate. These workshops are equipped with the latest plasma cutting/bending/drilling facilities to fabricate curved liners, hoppers, bends, pipes, and other intricate components.

Enduraplate owes its abrasion resistance to chromium carbides / complex carbides concentration of 45% to 60% in hard overlay and its impact resistance to ductile mild-steel base.

  • Excellent wear life for most common wear problems
  • Ready for installation in desired shapes and sizes
  • Enhanced wear-resistance for OEM applications
  • Standard or custom-developed alloy combinations for various applications