LE Steel - Welding Alloys Manufacturers In India


Internally hardfaced pipes and chutes

Rebuilding of hot laddle car wheels

Manufacture of hardfaced pinch rolls

Manufacture of distribution chutes for bell less blast furnaces

Aluminium bronze coating on corrousal roll

Manufacture of AGD components

Manufacture of AGD components

Manufacture of AGD components

Refurbishment of plate mill rolls

Manufacture of hardfaced segment rolls

Manufacture of hardfaced sinter feed rolls

Manufacture of hardfaced easy flow device

Fabrication and anticorrosive coating of waste gas heat recovery ducts

Manufacture of hardfaced sinter crusher rotor and casing

Manufacture and refurbishment of big bell and hopper of blast furnaces

Manufacture of hardfaced throat armour plates of blast furnaces

Refurbishment of ID fans

Anti-corrosion treatment of BOF cooling stack and converter hoods

Manufacture of shaft furnace charging distributors

Refurbishment of briquette press rolls by thermal spray process