FONTECH THUNDER THY - Welding Alloys Manufacturers In India

Thyristorised welding equipment with electronic current adjustment. Sturdy, reliable with excellent arc characteristics and recommended for highest standard applications with any electrode. Suitable for heavy-duty shop floor fabrication and site applications.

  • Separate selection for MMA / LIFT TIG mode
  • Linear current setting from min 5A to 400A and preset precisely and displayed digitally
  • Dedicated digital voltmeter for voltage display
  • V-sat protection for switching device
  • Adjustable arc force, surge / hot start current
  • Built -in protective functions
  • Built to withstand a wide range of input voltage fluctuation with built-in spike protection
  • Cordless remote control to set current for long lead welding cable - optional
  • VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) reduces the open circuit voltage for additional safety protection in all highly hazardous environments - optional.