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DC Arc Welding Machine

DC arc welding machine broadly used in various industries like chemical, automobile, shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing and defence. It is also ideal for field operations of oil pipeline, construction of power station, nuclear energy, aerospace, industrial installation and bridge construction, etc.

  • Light weight and compact single phase welding rectifier.
  • IGBT inverter based energy saving and efficient power source.
  • Digital display and precise presetting of welding current.
  • Arc-force adjustment option on front panel for better arc striking.
  • Suitable for MMA and TIG welding with scratch start process.
Inverter Power Source for MMAW

Manual arc-welding power source with IGBT inverter technology. Ideally suitable for continuous use for heavy fabrication. Excellent power saving and compact weight.

  • MMA / Lift arc selection switch
  • Digital display for voltage and current
  • High quality and stable performance
  • High duty cycle
  • Stable arc and excellent welding seam
  • Adjustable arc force & hot start current
  • Suitable for all acid, basic, stainless, low hydrogen electrodes
  • Suitable for up to 5 mm electrodes
Inverter Power Source for MMAW

Manual metal arc welding power source with IGBT inverter technology. Ideal for continuous use for heavy fabrication. Excellent power saving, compact and light weight.

  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology with:
  • 20 KHz inverter frequency, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the power source.
  • Reduction in magnetic loss which enhances the welding efficiency and saves power.
  • Switching frequency is beyond audio range thus eliminates noise pollution.
  • Leading control mode:
  • Top design of auxiliary power supply brings a broader application scope of welding power supply.
  • Advanced control solution enhances the welding performance and meets welding technology demands.
  • Ideal for use in acid and basic electrode welding.
  • Easy arc starting, minimum spattering, stable current and good shaping
  • Improved functional design:
  • Adjustable thermal arc starting function greatly improves the arc starting. performance of the machine.
  • Self-adaptive arc-force mode improves the welding performance in long cable welding and distant welding can be realized.