Tornado SAW 1250 | SAW welding machine | Ador Fontech Ltd.
Submerged Arc Welding Machine – M-1250

TORNADO SAW Series products are automatic submerged-arc welding machines with IGBT inverter technology, which consist of large capacity arc welding power source and welding tractor. They are suitable for any kinds of steel (Ø >= 5 mm).

  • Alternation of characteristic of constant voltage / current
  • Wide range of output current
  • Welding current and welding voltage as well as travel speed of welding tractor can all be present and displayed digitally
  • Adjustable arcforce, welding current and welding voltage
  • Remote/panel control selection
  • MMA welding and air carbon arc gouging with suitable carbon electrode
  • Protective functions: over-current, under-voltage and over-load
  • Tractor traveling mode and direction control function
  • Welding head site adjustment function
tornado saw1250