FONTECH TORNADO 601 - Welding Alloys Manufacturers In India

FONTECH TORNADO 601 is a manual metal arc welding power source with IGBT inverter technology. Ideal for continuous use for heavy fabrication. Excellent power saving, compact and lightweight.

VRD device reduces the open-circuit voltage to values below 12 V by enabling the use of the machine in highly hazardous environments for the operator’s maximum safety.

  • 20 KHz inverter frequency, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the power source.
  • Reduction in magnetic loss which enhances the welding efficiency and saves power.
  • Switching frequency is beyond audio range thus eliminates noise pollution.
  • Top design of auxiliary power supply brings a broader application scope of welding power supply.
  • Advanced control solution enhances the welding performance and meets welding technology demands.
  • Ideal for use in acid and basic electrode welding.
  • Easy arc starting, minimum spattering, stable current and good shaping.
  • Adjustable thermal arc starting function greatly improves the arc starting. performance of the machine.
  • Self-adaptive arc-force mode improves the welding performance in long cable welding and distant welding can be realized.