FONTECH THUNDER-i - Welding Alloys Manufacturers In India

DC power source for MMA with IGBT based inverter technology, these DC power sources have excellent arc characteristics which can be
used with any electrode for getting high-quality welds. Suitable for fabrication, shipyards, steel construction, pipe welding and maintenance.

VRD device reduces the open-circuit voltage to values below 12 V enabling the use of the machine in highly hazardous environments ensuring operator’s maximum safety.

  • Step less control of all the welding parameters.
  • Excellent welding characteristics in MMA with any kind of electrodes and in TIG with “lift” mode.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • High reliability when used with generator sets.
  • Automatic compensation for input voltage fluctuations within + 10% /- 15%.
  • Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter with welding current preset.
  • Selection switch for activating VRD function.
  • Option for remote control function.
  • Reduced weight and size, easy-to-carry innovative and compact design.
  • Adjustable HOT START to improve arc striking with the most difficult electrodes.
  • Adjustable ARC FORCE to choose the best arc dynamic characteristics.
  • Electrode Antistick function.