SPECIAL WELDING PROCESSES - Welding Alloys Manufacturers In India

Enter the future of welding with QUBOX, DIGITECH and for robotized applications, ROBOCASE: perfect arc striking and a welding puddle always continuously optimized, thanks to the steady perfect control of the arc in any condition, the product of years of research and more than 65 years of experience. Extremely precise welding with repeated results in time, flexibility and user-friendly simplicity, combined with an exceptionally stable welding arc, are the basic goals of the philosophy which have led to the development of such high tech products.


QUBOX and DIGITECH power sources distinguish themselves by their vision.ARC, the innovative arc control ensures outstanding welding performances with greater wire deposit, higher speed and reduced thermal dilatation. 65 years experience in welding technology allowed CEA to develop a new digital system for controlling arc dynamics, vision.ARC, which guarantees excellent performances in all MIG-MAG and MIG PULSE situations.

vision.ARC 2

vision.ARC2 is the evolution of the vision.ARC software for the arc control, developed by CEA to achieve a more perfect and stable arc, together with a superior correction in the control of the welding pulse impulse.

  • vision.POWER to obtain deeper penetration on medium and large thickness material
  • vision.ULTRASPEED to weld small and medium thickness at a far higher speed
  • vision.COLD for low heat transfer MIG/MAG welding
  • vision.PIPE for more accurate welding in pipe first root pass
  • This is a package of additional curves, dedicated to highly specialised machining and procedures.
  • vision.PULSE-UP for a quicker and more precise vertical up welding
  • vision.PULSE-RUN for a colder and faster pulsed welding
  • vision.PULSE-POWER for a more penetrated and smoothly shaped welding on medium large thickness