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ENDURAPLATE-SS is the latest addition to our existing range of liner plates. It is a smooth and even surface liner plate having hardness of 500-600 BHN across its cross section.

The new Gama Phase Heating technology has helped us to attain better grain structure and desired hardness. Special care has been taken to maintain the wear resistance properties during cutting.

ENDURAPLATE-SS is abrasion resistant which can be used for both fine particle abrasion and impact. It’s relatively lean alloy content makes it crack resistant. It has an excellent weldability despite its hard structure.

We offer custom designed solutions for various applications.
  • Smooth finish without weld beads.
  • Low coefficient of friction, hence no material hang up.
  • Uniform hardness across cross section.
  • Can be rolled and formed easily.
  • Available in different grades and sizes.
  • Can be cut using oxy-fuel or plasma.