HR - Welding Alloys Manufacturers In India



The greatest strength of Ador Fontech Limited is its Manpower. Initially, a small team of seven employees marketed welding consumables. Their office space practically consisted of their mode of travel and the customer’s premises. They managed to perform end to end operations all by themselves – from customer’s call to order booking to transporting materials, collecting payments and ensuring statutory compliances. In spite of hectic schedule, the employees were committed to ensure that the organisation gets meticulously built on principles of integrity, compassion, faith, commitment and excellence. Slowly the manpower strength increased and with that, the organisation diversified in to allied areas of work. A new work culture evolved and employees find themselves binding as a family and professionals at work.

Attrition rate has by far remained one of the lowest across the industry. Each employee in the organisation is well respected. Their contribution, feedback and suggestions are highly valued.